How are the quality and cost of an essay related

Clients often demand to "write my essay cheap" and want it to be of very high quality – this is a common practice. The quality of the essay is an important criterion when choosing a writing service. However, many people are sure that the high price guarantees a good quality of work. In fact, the relationship between the cost and the quality of the work performed is not always direct and linear. In this article we will consider some common myths about the relationship between the cost and quality of essays.

Myth #1: The more expensive the essay, the higher its quality.

This is not always true. The price of essay writing services depends on many factors, including the topic and volume of work, the level of its complexity, the author’s level of training and the time frame for completion. Therefore, even if you paid a lot of money, it does not guarantee high quality work.

Myth #2: Low essay cost means low quality.

This is also not always true. A low price may mean that the company uses more efficient processes and techniques to reduce the cost of services. This does not necessarily mean that the quality of the work will be low. In addition, some companies may offer discounts or promotions that allow them to obtain quality jobs at a lower price.

Myth #3: Works are written by machines or low-paying authors.

This is also incorrect. All work on our site is done by real people who know their field of knowledge and material. This allows them to perform the task in the shortest possible time and earn on the scale of the work not in reproach for the quality.

Myth #4: You have to wait in line to complete a task.

This is also not true. On our site there are many employees who are ready to take up the task at any time. This eliminates queues, which allows you to perform the work in the shortest possible time.

Myth #5: The harder the task, the higher the cost.

This statement is closer to the truth, but not absolute. The complexity of the task, of course, can affect the cost of writing an essay. However, the price may be overstated due to other factors, such as disproportionate qualification requirements for the author or the availability of unnecessary additional services.Student with essay

What you should know if you want to order a cheap essay?

In general, the cost of writing an essay depends on many factors. Some of them we already mentioned above. However, consider them in more detail:

  • Essay topic – The cost may be overstated due to the narrow specialization and small number of authors able to perform work in this field.
  • Difficulty level – Complex topics and tasks require more time and effort, which may affect the cost of the service.
  • Qualification of the author – If a high qualification of the author, for example, a doctor or engineer, the price of the service may be higher.
  • Terms of implementation – If it is necessary to perform the work in the shortest possible time, the cost of the service may be higher, as it will require more time and effort from the author.
  • Availability of additional services – Some companies may offer additional services, such as plagiarism checking or text editing. This may affect the total cost of the service.

The quality of the essay does not always depend on its cost. The cost of an already cheap essay writing service depends on many factors, and therefore can be disproportionately high or low, regardless of quality. When choosing a company to write an essay, it is recommended to pay attention to its reputation and qualifications of its employees, as well as its capabilities and pricing policy.